Mojácar awarded six Blue Flags for another year, for the 2022 tourist season


Mojácar has renewed the six Blue Flags obtained last year, becoming one of the Almería municipalities with the most beaches to have gained this distinction.
The Mojácar beaches of El Cantal, El Descargador, Lance Nuevo, Marina de la Torre, Piedra Villazar, Venta del Bancal and Ventanicas have been awarded with the Blue Flags which the European Foundation for Environment Education annually awards to the beaches and ports which meet the strictest criteria in terms of water quality, environmental management, safety and services, as well as information and environmental education. The organisation issuing the award also takes into consideration accessibility for people with reduced mobility and the existence of healthcare and maritime rescue and surveillance.
In fact there are seven Mojácar beaches awarded a Blue Flag as Venta del Bancal and Ventanicas are two different beaches. The foundation only considers them as six, as the Venta del Bancal and Ventanicas beaches share the same water sampling point on being designated in health as the same bathing area.
These beaches also have the SICTED “Tourism Quality Commitment” distinction, which certifies and recognises compliance with the quality requirements established by the Secretary of State for Tourism, with the support of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, recognising effort and the commitment to quality and the continuous improvement of tourist destinations.
The SICTED Quality Stamp is valid for two years, although it is conditional on an annual follow-up evaluation which guarantees the application of the standards established on its platform.
Other recognitions for quality come from organisations like the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain and the Spanish Federation of Family Tourism.
Mojácar has 17 kilometres of coast, more than eight kilometres corresponding to the urban beach area, of which more than five kilometres correspond to beaches with Blue Flags.
As well as urban beaches, with all services, Mojácar also has so-called natural beaches, none of them prohibited from use, where bathers can enjoy swimming in totally natural surroundings and the locality’s magnificent landscapes.
Among the services which the Mojácar beaches offer this 2022 season, it is worth highlighting the increase in the rescue and lifeguard service, making them even safer than ever.
As well as the usual rescue and lifeguarding service which all the beaches of Mojácar offer during the bathing season from mid-June to mid-September, this year said service is also provided at weekends on the following beaches: Venta del Bancal, Las Ventanicas, Lance Nuevo and Marina de la Torre.
As a novelty, on weekends from May to 9th October, the schedule will be from 11am to 7pm. From 18th June to 18th September, this lifeguard service will be extended an hour and on weekends in July and August the service will be extended for another hour, that is, until 8pm.
Among the improvements for 2022 there is also the installation of new rescue and lifeguard modules and other improvements to the existing ones in terms of accessibility for people with difficulties, such as the purchase of amphibious crutches, new walkways, etc.
The effort made by the Mojacar Council Department of Beaches and Department of Tourism to year after year improve facilities and the offer of beach and leisure time has its reward in the recognitions which are repeated and extended each season.