Buenos Aires Tango show en Mojácar.

Mojácar Council’s Culture Department recently arranged a performance of “One night in Buenos Aires” by the ‘Arcos de Buenos Aires Tango Show’ at the town’s Centro de Usos Múltiples. The packed audience certainly showed their appreciation with rousing applause for this stunning interpretation of the highly popular Argentinian tango, led by Walter O. Tejeda, the Artistic and Musical Director.

The show combined the tango styles throughout the years with milongas and waltzes in different styles accompanied by violinists, Walter Tejada and Laura Sánchez. The dancers and choreographers, Jupa Arias and Esther Medina, are top artists of the Argentina’s National Ballet and spectacularly combined their movements to the classic string sounds.
It is not the group’s first visit to Mojácar and, it marks the start of the Council’s season of theatrical, musical and other concerts that are planned for the forthcoming weekends. The theatre season will begin next November 3 with “Boda, Noviazgo, Divorcio”, based on the work of the brothers Álvarez Quintero, with a theme of relationships and emotions. This will be followed by “Pareja abierta”, Polvorones y “Buffet de Bufonadas”, all at the same venue, Mojácar Pueblo’s Centro de Usos Múltiples, near La Fuente.