Mojácar hosts Alzheimer educational session

Mojácar Council recently organised an enlightening talk on the devastating disease of Alzheimer’s.

Mojácar Council, in co-ordination with the Department of Health and Equality, the Spanish Alzheimer’s Confederation (CEAFA) and the Relatives of Patients Association (AFA), recently organised an enlightening talk on the devastating disease of Alzheimer’s and, the related problems that families and their carers face.

The session was led by CEAFA psychologist, María del Mar F. Sánchez, who detailed the main characteristics of the illness and, the care it requires. Alzheimer’s is a progressive mental disorder that de-generates nerve cells which produces a loss of memory, disorientation as well as intellectual and personal deterioration.

All of these symptoms bring about a huge workload for the people around the sufferers, who are most often relatives and have the additional distress of seeing their loved ones in this way. To assist, the AFA has developed a series of proven techniques and guidelines to give ‘care to the carers’ as, without doubt, they too also suffer in their own way through stress and the ongoing demands of giving special care to those they look after. In addition, this information is particularly pertinent to rural areas, where benefits and assistance on offer in larger towns and cities, are not available.

The level of interest in this topic was shown by a full audience at the town’s 3rd Age Meeting Room and the many questions that followed for the psychologist, after the presentation.
Ana García, Mojácar’s Councillor for Education and Senior Citizens, stressed how important this type of informative activity is to those who need active support and guidance from the Council, as well as to those who are interested or sympathetic to such important issues.