Carmen Mola will present their latest work, “The Mothers”, in Mojácar.

Under the title “Mojácar, Literary Space” Mojácar Council begins an interesting cultural cycle, through which the best-known Spanish writers will present their latest books in the locality.They will have a discussion with those attending and will sign copies of their works.

These cultural meetings start today Thursday at 8pm in Mojácar’s Multi-Uses Centre, with the Planeta Prize, Carmen Mola, a pseudonym under which three writers write: Jorge Díaz, Agustín Martínez and Antonio Mercero.
The three are the authors of the trilogy “La novia gitana” (The gypsy bride), with inspector “Elena Blanco” as the main character, and they will present their latest work: “Las Madres” (The Mothers), the fourth instalment of the series with the strange police inspector.
The resounding success in sales of their trilogy kept the literary world guessing and asking themselves who was Carmen Mola, unknown until now. It was after winning the Planeta Prize in 2021 with their work “La bestia” (The beast), that their true identity was revealed, when the world of literature was turned upside down on finding out that Carmen Mola was in reality not a woman.
Their work has been translated in eight countries and according to their sales figures they have sold more than 250,000 copies, as well as being adapted soon into a TV series produced by Diagonal TV and Viacom International Studios, which will be able to be seen on AtresMedia.
“Mojácar Literary Space” is organised by Mojácar Council and Diario de Almería, with the collaboration of Macenas Mediterránean Resort; Maraú, Beach Club and Loustau Abogados.
With this initiative Mojácar Council takes a step forward in bringing literature, books and their authors to Almería’s Levante region, as well as the possibility of residents being able to meet the most relevant authors of current literature in Spain.
Mojácar, which has a great tradition in the world of culture in all areas, is standing up for reading and becoming a meeting point for Spanish literature in the region.
The cycle will continue with the presence of other well-known authors who will come to Mojácar to present their new works.