Mojácar´s “Garabato” nursery school celebrates carnival.

The “Garabato” Mojácar municipal nursery school celebrated its own special carnival party, in which all the pupils, teachers and parents took part.

As in previous years, the carnival festivities did not overlook the municipality’s youngest, and with the help of the “little ones” the teachers prepared the costumes, the stage and the party.
Fruits had the leading role in this year’s carnival party. Pears, mandarins, strawberries, grapes and oranges came to life in a fun day to which parents were also invited.
All the costumes, both the children’s and those of their supervisors were hand-made by the teachers, and as is customary, the parents didn’t know the theme until the time of the party.
A total of 60 children, turned into little fruits for the day, enjoyed their own special carnival. From four months old to the older ones, aged three, who next year will move up to the school, had their costume.
The original plan was to hold it in the playground. The rain made it necessary to have it in the entrance hall, but there was no lack of decoration, also made with fruits, and recreating a giant garden where trees and vines grow. Not missing either were music, dance and the sweets that livened up the event.
Raquel Belmonte, Mojácar Council Culture and Festivities Councillor, attended the party, also in costume, and with parents and pupils shared in the carnival activities put on by the nursery.
Although they are still very young, the councillor declared, they know perfectly well that it is a special day and join in with their excitement and enthusiasm in all the organised activities. They love wearing fancy dress and they really enjoy everything which involves imagination and colour.
There is doubt that Mojácar’s pool of carnival-goers will not be exhausted anytime soon, and that the celebration of carnival in the locality is guaranteed for many generations.