Carnival time for Mojácar infants

Mojácar’s youngest also joined in the carnival party at the “Garabatos” Municipal Nursery.

The party was a surprise for the parents who did not know what the children were going to look like, since the costumes were entirely made by the nursery teachers, who dressed and made up the little ones on the premises. Each class had different costumes, all inspired by marine themes. Neptune had a hand in the carnival magic and the nursery was “flooded” with young sea turtles, seahorses, starfishes and little fish. Yes, they were all ‘small fry’ but definitely not suitable for fishing!

All the 70 children participated in the small carnival dressed as well known marine species and, took to the celebrations “like fish to water”. Of course there was the obligatory photo-call so that the parents could capture the party atmosphere. This, together with the party and a snack was a recipe for the fun carnival celebration for both children and adults.

Raquel Belmonte, Mojácar Councillor for Culture and Fiestas, attended the party suitably dressed up and, shared the Centre’s carnival activities with everyone. After the event she said, “although they are very small, they certainly are aware that it is a special day which entertains, as well as reinforces their enthusiasm for all organized activities. They love to dress up and enjoy a party with friends and be involved with all those things that conjure up imagination and colour.”

There is no doubt that the Mojácar carnival is based on solid foundations and that the celebration of the event in the town is assured for many generations to come.