New Indalo for Mojácar

A shiny new Indalo for Mojácar´s Parque Comercial Roundabout.

The Mayor of Mojácar, Rosmari Cano, revealed the details of the remodelling of the roundabout located by the Parque Comercial on Mojácar Playa, in a live interview on the local radio station Spectrum FM.

The new design will include greenery, a water feature and, a large Indalo made in Dekton (a revolutionary architectural coating product used worldwide) which is to be donated to Mojácar by its creator, Francisco Cosentino.

Dekton was invented as a result of research and development by the Cosentino Group in 2014. It is a new product that uses the exclusive technology “TSP”, a technological process that represents an accelerated version of the metamorphic changes suffered by natural stone exposed for millennia at high pressure and high temperature. It is a blend of raw materials now used to make glass, state-of-the-art porcelain and, large-format quartz surfaces.

The decision to renovate the Parque Comercial roundabout was taken due to the continuous costly repairs to the pumps of the old fountain, which also had a short operating life, making it very expensive for the municipality.

With the incorporation of Dekton in the design, the new roundabout will become a prominent feature of Mojácar’s urban architecture and a showcase for new sustainable, environmentally friendly materials.

The interview with Rosmari Cano and Emmanuel Agüero, the Councillor for Tourism, was part of their regular appearances on the Mojácar’s Spectrum Radio Station, which has the highest English-speaking audience in the region.