Concert in Mojácar in honour of Saint Cecilia Patron Saint of music.

To mark the celebration of Saint Cecilia, the Patron Saint of music, piano students from the Mojácar Municipal Music School performed a highly anticipated concert for residents.

As has become usual, students from the school commemorate the day of their patron saint with a musical selection which this year was performed outdoors with the Plaza del Parterre as the setting for this much-loved event.
Conducted by their teacher Yolanda Parra Niederhauser, the young pianists performed a complete repertoire, which included such well-known pieces as “Charriots of Fire” by Vangelis, “Like Chopin” by Gazebo, “Mariage d´amour” by Richard Clayderman, “River Flows in You” by Yiruma and “Corazón de niño” by Raul Di Blasio, among others.
For several years the piano school students have offered two concerts a year: in honour of Saint Cecilia, Patron Saint of music, and at Easter; both much-anticipated by residents of Mojácar, lovers of good music and always supporting and encouraging their young musicians. On this occasion, there were seven performers in the concert, aged between seven and 37.
Yolanda Parra has for 15 years been in charge of teaching the very youngest, aged between three and seven, in the musical initiation classroom. She is also the Municipal Music School piano teacher.
To learn this instrument, one of the most complete, 30 students have enrolled and attend the piano classes offered by this school.
There are studied and prepared guidelines for each cycle. From the age of three to five, it is possible to attend the music and movement initiation classes. From six years old, there is an initiation in the chosen instrument, moving from the age of seven to the preparatory, and from there, to the rest of subjects they want to choose.
It is important to emphasize that anyone who is interested, whatever their age, has the opportunity of participating in the Mojácar Music School and have access to the world of music, effortlessly and in a fun and enjoyable way.