Municipal Music School holds open day on Thursday

The Municipal Music School is holding open days at its facilities with the aim of showing local people the work their students are doing as well as to encourage young and old, whatever their age, to participate in the adventure of learning to play any instrument and perform music.

This Thursday, starting at 5pm, there will be a screening of the film “Vivo”, recommended for all audiences from three years old.
There are plans for fun games in the music classrooms, such as What instrument is it? Those taking part have to guess the instrument which can be heard but not seen.
In the company of teachers and students, well-known melodies will be played to better understand the sound qualities of each instrument.
The Municipal Music School has more than 150 students as well as the members of the Municipal Band, although many of those are still studying music at the school.
The Municipal Music School offers both children and adults of any age the opportunity of getting closer to the world of the melody and of musical instruments.
Music and movement, musical language, instrument teaching, music groups, vocal and instrumental groups, as well as the opportunity to gain intermediate grade, are some of the disciplines taught at the school.
Among the instruments you can learn to play are piano, guitar, recorder, side-blown flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba and percussion. A wide range of instruments which every year is expanded with new instruments.
There are studied and prepared guidelines for each cycle. From the age of three to five, it is possible to attend the music and movement initiation classes. From six years old, there is an initiation in the chosen instrument, moving from the age of seven to the preparatory, and from there, to the rest of subjects they want to choose.
It is important to emphasize that anyone who is interested, whatever their age, has the opportunity of participating in the Mojácar Music School and having access to the world of music, effortlessly and in a fun and enjoyable way.