Cultural activities in Mojácar around the Mojácar La Vieja archaeological excavation

The Mojácar Council Culture Department together with the University of Granada MEMOLab laboratory is throughout September staging different activities in relation to the fifth Mojácar la Vieja excavation campaign 2023.

The first of these activities, the archaeological ceramics workshop, took place this week in the locality’s senior citizens functions hall and will be held again on the 26th in the same place.
There were a large number of volunteers for this gathering; more than 30 participants who, together with the archaeologists in charge of the excavation, cleaned and classified the ceramic remains found so far in this 2023 campaign.
Cristina Martínez, the excavation technician, in charge of professionally studying the ceramic remains found at this archaeological site, had the responsibility of welcoming everyone and explaining the characteristics of this workshop.
As Cristina Martinez explained to the participants, she highlighted the importance of the task to be carried out in this workshop, as with the subsequent study of these remains it is possible to know how the ancient inhabitants of Mojácar lived, how they ate, how many people lived in each house and many aspects of daily life.
So far, a great variety of ceramics have been found, everything that you would find in a home today: pots, plates, glasses, small jars, storage material, etc., that speak of life in those times
Although the excavation works will be carried out throughout September, the archaeologists’ work does not end there. With the new discoveries, it is the specialists who investigate, now in laboratories, all the data and remains that they are analysing and comparing in work that extends throughout the year. There also remains the work of consolidation to ensure that what has already been excavated is protected and does not deteriorate in inclement weather; the survey technicians who produce reports about how and what has been excavated, among many other data processing actions that are generated around a comprehensive investigation of the archaeological dig site and its surroundings.
Throughout September other workshops open free to the public are planned, such as interactive games about Mojácar la Vieja, photography, drawing and painting days, and showing and teaching children how clothes were washed in past times in the Mojácar fountain.
On the 17th and 24th of September there are guided tours of the excavation, when the director of the project and of the University of Granada MEMLab laboratory will explain what the Muslim Mojácar of the 12th century was like and the latest discoveries and conclusions obtained up until now in this 2023 campaign.
On the 28th at the locality’s Public Fountain, all the experts involved in the excavation will exhibit the results of the fifth archaeological campaign.

El día 28, en la Fuente Pública de la Localidad, todos los técnicos implicados en la excavación expondrán los resultados de la quinta campaña arqueológica.