Mojácar to compete for the Ecovidrio Green Flag this Summer


Mojácar Council has presented to the media the incorporation of the locality in the Ecovidrio Green Flags movement.

The press conference was presided over by the Tourism, Environment and Beaches Councillor, Emmanuel Agüero Leclerc, and the Tourism Board Director, Carmen García Campoy.

Emmanuel Agüero explained why the municipality has joined this initiative, promoted, not-for-profit, by Ecovidrio. To encourage and promote the recycling of glass are some of the many reasons why Mojácar wants to join an initiative which the local council, as a municipality, wants to very much take into account, given that it is always aiming to be, in all areas, as sustainable as possible.

The Tourism Councillor considers that the establishments, which are now in full swing, as well as residents and visitors can collaborate by continuing with what is now an everyday and simple act, but which has a major impact on sustainability.

The catering sector generates 52 per cent of single-use glass containers, hence it is a key sector for creating a real transition to a circular economy model.

With the aim of making the separation of glass containers easy for participating catering businesses, Ecovidrio will install new skips, and will hand over to the catering businesses, free of charge, buckets to facilitate the transport of glass packaging waste. With a team of people deployed throughout the area, the entity will visit the catering establishments to inform them about the campaign and promote participation. There will also be a daily check on how full skips are in order to adapt collection routes if necessary.

The Green Flags reward the catering sector’s effort and the local authority for its commitment to recycling glass containers and the fight against climate change.

A total of 103 of Mojácar’s restaurants, bars and beach bars have already joined this initiative, in which 41 Andalucía municipalities are taking part.

For Emmanuel Agüero this edition could be another incentive for establishing the locality firmly in the environmental plan and compete with municipalities like Marbella and Almuñécar, winners of the 2020 Green Flag, and to show that we can be among the municipalities which are most responsible and most aware about this global problem.