Mojácar 2021 full moon walk

Yet another year, Mojácar Council, through the Sports Department and the Almería Provincial Council, organised its traditional Full Moon Route, which goes along the La Mena-Macenas trail.

In the light of the full moon, to add more charm to what are in and of themselves unique Mojácar routes, a group of 46 “Moon Trail” walkers were able to enjoy this distinctive experience included in the Provincial Hiking Programme, which the Provincial Council’s Sports Department and the Mojácar local authority promote.
For several years these Moonlight trails have been becoming established as a must-do date for walkers and hiking enthusiasts. There was a very high response to the 2021 notification and there had to be two groups, each accompanied by their respective guides, and which successfully completed the entire route.
With a difficulty classification of “medium-low”, this 10-km track runs through strategic points in the area’s economic and social history.
The group of hikers, also accompanied by the Mojácar Council Sports Councillor, Francisco García Cerdá, and by members of Civil Protection, made stops at the most emblematic points for explanations about the location in question.
The Mena-Macenas Trail takes the visitor back to the mining past, starting off with the footprints left by the iron exploitations’ mule drivers and transporters, and continues with the Nasrid past and the defence of the Mediterranean coast. All surrounded by unique fauna and flora, such as the well-known “limonium estevei”, a native species to the area and in danger of extinction.
Mojácar Council has active three routes accessible to the walker: the Huertas-Mojácar trail along the bank of the River Aguas, the Marina de la Torre-Mojácar village and the Mena-Macenas.