Enrique Ferreira exhibits his works at the Mojácar Art Centre

An exhibition of paintings by the Sevillian artist Enrique Ferreira was inaugurated at the Mojácar “La Fuente” Art Centre at the weekend.

The show, open to the public, free of charge, until the 3rd of September, brings together 20 works and includes oil paintings, watercolours and charcoal drawings, a compilation of his long painting career, as well as some of his new works.
Enrique Ferreira started out in the world of painting at the age of 16 when he enrolled in the St Elizabeth of Hungary Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Seville. Founded in 1660 by Murillo and Juan de Herrera, among other well-known artists of the period, it has maintained over time the prestige of quality in the education of its students.
This encounter with the arts at such a young age coincided with his incorporation into the world of work, which meant combining both activities throughout his life until his retirement.
The influence of the academy, as well as training him in painting and sculpture, also left an impression on him in his taste for realistic painting, and especially for the artistic style of the Renaissance, on which he did a Master’s degree.
Ferreira, an artist full of life and curious about all the activities that take place in the art world, and with an inexhaustible desire to learn, decided to join the Prado Museum’s restoration group, allowing him to have painting masterpieces in his hands and to observe up close the techniques, pigments and resources of the best masters.
One more experience that takes him to Colombia, Canada and other countries to restore Renaissance works from private collections.
The Mojácar Council Culture Councillor, Noemí Linares, attended the inauguration of the exhibition, commenting on the works on show, and especially a recreation of the Mojácar entry arch, set at the turn of the century and created by the painter from an old photograph.
A large part of his work in oil or watercolour corresponds to places found on his journey around different places in Andalucía and always evoking the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.
Enrique Ferreira is repeating having an exhibition in Mojácar. Last year he had the opportunity to hang his works in this hall and from the success of that experience he had decided to return to “La Fuente”.
Noemí Linares expressed her satisfaction at the success of the La Fuente Art Centre and its great reception among both local artists and residents. The centre has all the dates for exhibitions covered until January.
Anyone interested in the works of Enrique Ferreira can visit the exhibition from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 2pm.