Mojácar´s Candlelit night pulls in the crodws.

Mojácar´s seventh Candlelit Night was, once again, an amazing success with crowds eager to attend what has become a highlight on the town´s calendar.

Under a full moon shining spectacularly in the Mojaquero sky, thousands of candles lit up the old town’s streets, facades, railings and balconies. Of these, 1,500 were positioned in sandbags, 3,500 were suspended and an additional 1,500 were given to local establishments by the Council to decorate their premises.
Although it is impossible to say how many people came along to this special night, an indication of its success was shown by the twenty buses charged with shuttling everyone from the beach area to the old town which were full from 7 p.m. when the reinforced timetable got underway.
The special transport plan that was put into place for the night by the Council and the transport company worked well, aided by the kiosks set up at strategic points for advance ticket purchase.
Visitors started to arrive earlier than in previous years and the town started to liven up as soon as the extra buses started to land and the traffic restrictions planned by the Local Police and the Council went into operation.
The town´s shops and restaurants were all bustling, with one restaurant feeding 720 diners on the night, making the event a resounding success, much to the delight of Mojácar Pueblo´s Merchants Association and the Council.
There is no doubt that this night in Mojácar is a unique event when the whole town gets involved in showing off the old town and its magical atmosphere at its best.
With street, shop and house lighting switched off, a piano concert began the evening in flickering white candlelight, whilst at the foot of the Mariquita Posá Cave, live music gave visitors a hint of what was about to be revealed, with live music and dancing as entertainment on various squares.
The 16th century Santa María Parish Church stayed open until the early hours with its beautiful interior decorated also with candles, creating an atmosphere of peace and reflection.
The telescopes set up at the Mirador del Castillo were a very popular feature, offering stargazers a chance to look out into the Mojaquero sky, ruled over by a spectacular moon casting its paths of light on the Mediterranean.