Mojácar Council asks the regional Government to kickstart their catering school expansion.

Mojácar Council held an ordinary plenary session which included the request to the Junta de Andalucía to set in motion the expansion of its Hotel and Catering School, which is of great traditional importance in the town.

A few years ago, before the aluminosis problems at the School´s former premises, it was decided to move the classrooms to the Rey Alavez School. Although the educational modules could be achieved, the School was left without some necessary areas for its optimal functioning, such as a more suitably sized kitchen, changing rooms and services. The Council then proposed to solve this, by giving an adjoining plot for building these facilities.
Works began in August 2013 and in September 2014, the Council approved the transfer to the Regional Government´s Ministry of Education. In this plenary session Mojácar Council presented the request for the Ministry of Education. to put the works to equip the new student rooms into operation.
Outside the agenda of the day, the Mayor, Rosmari Cano, asked for another item to be included, with reference to the request for an objection placed by the representatives of the Maui Beach establishment.
The objection in question is based on articles 23 and 24 of Law 40/2015 within the public sector law, requesting that the Mayor of Mojácar refrains from intervening in any procedure in which the establishment´s representatives are signatories.
With the plenary session having the authority to decide on the challenge, but within a period of fifteen days, it was therefore treated as a matter of urgency. In the legal report, there was no proven reason found to request the objection and, on voting, the request by the representatives of the aforementioned premises was rejected, followed by any other business of the day.