Thomas Neukirch exhibits his “BLACK BOX” in Mojácar until the end of September

The La Fuente Municipal Art Centre in Mojácar brings together until the end of September artist Thomas Neukirch’s exhibition of paintings under the title “Black Box”, in which he presents his latest works.

A luxurious exhibition which brings together canvases of great quality, highlighting the mastery of the artist and the nature of his work. It leaves no visitor indifferent and is well worth visiting. An exhibition at the level of the world’s best galleries.
Black Box is the kind of installation, which the artist himself describes as “an unprecedented mix of contemporary and modern art.” He is inspired by an aircraft’s black box which shows the zones of “a casual accident”, as he believes his own life to be: “an event he hasn’t chosen.” As part of this he is exhibiting four works titled “Future”, which represent our right to maintain an intimate and poetic space.
Beyond this, he is exhibiting the works with which, through picturesque tools, he investigates humanity’s big questions: Who am I, what is a good life, and how to avoid the accident of the sixth extermination of the human being and ecological collapse due to climate change.
Thomas Neukirch feels satisfied at having overcome this confrontation between the defenders of a conceptual or avant-garde art and the traditionalists, who think of these new tendencies as a fraud.
Neukirch was born in Germany, and following a stage of his life in Madrid, he moved to Mojácar, where he lives permanently. He trained as an artist in the Paris School of Fine Arts, where he has also exhibited on several occasions, as well as in Lyon, Madrid, Granada, Stuttgart, Cologne, Frankfurt, Vienna, Buenos Aires and in Mojácar.
The exhibition will be open to the public with free entry until 30th September, with the opening hours 10.30am to 1pm from Wednesday to Friday; Saturdays and Sundays until 2pm and from 6-9pm in the afternoon.