Osaïa Reding, just arrived victorious after winning the French kitesurfing championship

Osaïa Reding, Mojácar’s most international and prize-winning sportsperson, has just arrived victorious in the municipality after winning the French kitesurfing championship, freestyle category, valid for the category’s world championship.

There’s not time for much. She has already packed her bags on the way to Tarifa. The second and definitive competition for the world championship is being organised in this Cádiz town, and is where Osaïa will compete for first place to be, for the third consecutive time, world champion.
Saint Pierre la Mer, host of the French Championship and of the first qualifying round for the world championship, has also been the venue for many of her victories and titles. In this difficult 2021 for all sportspeople, she has again risen to the top in France again and to having many options for hanging yet another medal around her neck.
According to Osaïa, the wind conditions in France were good. Four intense days with the doubts of all the sportspeople about a year without the training they would have wanted due to Covid.
At 17, she already knows what it is to compete against the best kiteboarders on the planet. She started training when she was seven. She has been the youngest in nearly all her competitions. At nine she was already launching herself into the sea and wind, fighting, with guts, to get on practically all the podiums possible at her age: two world championships, one in France and one in Spain.
Sports Councillor, Francisco García Cerdá, wanted to wish Osaïa a lot of luck in Cádiz and convey all the encouragement and support of the Local Council for this new and difficult challenge.
Mojácar Council is one of her sponsors, as well as a great supporter of her brilliant sporting career. Francisco García also presented Osaïa with T-shirts with the Mojácar sport logo, which he hopes conveys the backing of her whole town.
From here on, Osaïa would like to train a lot in order to take part in the Spanish Cup, junior championship, next year. In two more she will already be participating in the adult category. But her greatest hopes she has pinned on 2024. Wearing the Spanish shirt in the Olympic Games. Getting into the Spanish team. Maturity, strength, perseverance and talent she has to fulfill her dream.