The story of Mojácar´s Moors and Christians fiesta at the “Encuentro de culturas” exhibition.

Mojácar’s Moors and Christians Association, in collaboration with Mojácar Council mounted a semi-permanent exhibition entitled “Encuentro de Culturas” at the Pueblo’s Centro de Arte “Mirador del Castillo”, in order to mark the 30th anniversary of the town’s distinctive fiesta.

With free entry, it will remain open all summer and includes a wide selection of photos, posters and costumes used by the different participating groups of kábilas and cuarteles over the years. Also, due to the immense amount of material that the Association and Council have collected, some of the exhibition will rotate to allow a wider variety to be shown.

At the moment, 17 women’s, men’s and children’s Moors and Christians costumes are on display, showing the gradual progress that has taken place, year after year. There are also over 100 high quality photos of the parades and its characters since it all began in 1988, including the winning images of the 1st Moors and Christians Photography Competition last year.

These snapshots capture all the special times that sum up the mood of this fiesta, from the happiness of the participants, to the looks of surprise on the children’s faces, the magnificent costumes, the moments of relaxation as well as those in memory and tribute to the friends no longer with us.

Another attraction of the exhibition is the wonderful collection of posters, some made by noted design and advertising artists,
that had been used to publicise the fiestas throughout its thirty years, showing the changes in tastes and artistic styles over the eras.

“Encuentro de Culturas” is in short, a walk through memory lane, showing the efforts and enthusiasm the entire town puts in to enjoying their most important annual event which has achieved the great merit of being officially recognized as of Touristic Interest in Andalucía.