Townspeople and officials from Mojácar´s Twin Town of Encamp join in the Moors and Christians fiesta.

A delegation from the Andorran town of Encamp, twinned with Mojácar since 1993, recently visited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the twinning as well as take in the Moors and Christians Fiesta.

Mojácar’s Mayor, Rosmarí Cano, officially welcomed the party from Encamp at the town’s plenary hall with Emmanuel Agüero Leclerc, Raquel Belmonte and Ana García, the local Councillors for Tourism, Fiestas and Culture and Sports respectively. Also present was Mojácar’s President of the Twinning Association, Felipe Kirsch.
From Encamp, the group included the Consul, Jordi Torres, along with Councillors Aleix Varela and Jordi Rogel, with the Twinning President of the Encamp Association, Lourdes Rich. More than twenty Encamp residents met with members of the various Moors and Christians groups, with the top representatives from both towns exchanging gifts significant to both places.
After thanking the people of Encamp for their visit, the Mayor stressed the importance of this contact, especially to the young ones, saying it was “an excellent opportunity for the youth of both locations to get to know and share each other’s cultures and traditions.”
The Consul of Encamp went on to highlight the importance of brotherhood in the tourism field, the main economic activity that both municipalities share which he believes, after 25 years of such meetings in both places, has been a great success saying “the friendship between the towns and councils creates positive synergies for both.”
After the official ceremony, the Mayor with her Councillors showed the Encamp delegation the new “Encuentro de Culturas” exhibition at the Centro de Arte “El Mirador del Castillo”, which includes a collection of the fiesta photos, posters and costumes showing its history throughout its thirty years. Afterwards, the delegation stayed in Mojácar until the Moors and Christians Fiesta came to a close, joining in all the events over the weekend.