The Mojácar Al -Mosaquer Moors and Christians Association announces the VI Poster Contest for the 2024 festivities

The Mojácar Al-Mosaquer Moors and Christians Association has made public the rules for the VI Moors and Christians Poster Contest for the 2024 edition.

Anyone who wishes to take part can do so with a maximum of three originals that must be unpublished. The poster’s theme must be fundamentally based on any of the various representative aspects of the Mojácar Moors and Christians Festivities.
The works can be created in any technique the artist considers, according to their form of artistic expression, but in such a way that they can be reproduced, without any difficulty, in four-color printing and taking into account that the dimensions of the posters will be 50 x 70 cm, without a margin and vertical. The obligatory text, that can be freely set out on the poster, will be: “Moros Y Cristianos 2024”.
The submitted works must not be signed and must be sent to the email or via WeTransfer to the same email, indicating in an attached text file personal details such as name, nationality, date of birth, DNI or NIE, passport, mobile phone and email address.
As is obligatory, the board is committed to the responsible and legal use of all data provided and its destruction, if applicable, always respecting current legislation.
Receipt of the works is established in principle at until the 8th of April 8 at 00:00. A single prize of 300 euros has been set and the jury will be made up of professionals and amateurs, selected by the Al-Mosaquer Association, who on the 9th of April will choose the three finalist posters from among all the works presented.
The competition winner will be chosen from among the three finalist posters by popular vote via social media, through which everyone can choose their favourite. The voting period is established at between the 9th and 22nd of April. The winner will be officially announced on the 23rd.
The originals of the winning work and those selected by the jury will make up part of an exhibition that the Association will stage in Mojácar municipality.
In the last edition, the Al-Mosaquer Association’s call to take part was a great success with 25 works presented.
The poster for the 2023 Moors and Christians Festival was created by Tara Lassey, an artist of British origin who, with 59.26% of the votes cast through social media, gained her work being the image of that year.
Tara Lassey, born in West Yorkshire, has lived with her family in Mojácar for many years.