“The last one to turn off the light” will be performed in Mojácar by Emma Ozores

Mojácar Council’s Culture Department has organised a complete offer of activities that begins in April and which will continue until the end of August and on which virtually every day there are different proposals for experiencing and enjoying Mojácar year-round.

This extensive programme of activities begins with theatre as the focus. Next Friday 5th of April 5 at 8.30pm, and at the Multi-Uses Centre, the curtain opens on one of the most important works of comedy to have been staged in recent years in Spain.
“El último que apague la luz” (The last one to turn off the light), an original work by Antonio Ozores and starring Emma Ozores and Rubén Torres, will be in Mojácar after having achieved great success in the Spanish capitals’ most important theatres.
A comedy for all audiences, where the spectator will feel reflected in different situations, and at times, will be part of the work. It addresses timeless themes: the different ways of attracting the opposite sex according to each one’s personality: a shy person, an intellectual…. It also raises the theme of jealousy in a couple, infidelity and divorce and many more aspects in which as the work progresses the spectator’s imagination participates and is integrated through humour.
The well-known actress Emma Ozores, daughter of the also well-known Antonio Ozores, has taken part in nearly all the successful television series, such as “Farmacia de Guardia”, “La Casa de los Líos” and “Aquí no hay quien viva”, as well as in the legendary television contest “Un, Dos, Tres”. She has done than 160 films and 200 theatre plays. She has gained many awards and recognitions throughout her long professional career, including the Ojo Crítico Award for best actress for her performance in this play, “El último que apague la luz”, and the 2010 National Award for best comedy.
Rubén Torres is known for his work as an actor, screenwriter and professional stand-up. He has also taken part in well-known TV series such as “Aguila Roja”, “Yo soy Bea” or “Cuéntame como paso”, among others.
Theatre always finds a preferential space in Mojácar. The Culture Department, in addition to the theatre cycle that always takes place in November, opens space all year round for this performing art that is always very well received by residents and visitors.
It’s no wonder that Mojácar was the first municipality in Almería province with its own theatre. The Teatro Aquelarre, founded by Ginés Carrillo, was the stage for an entire village that took part, in one way or another, in every performance. Today it has a theatre group with the same name “Aquelarre”, and which brings together the following generations that were already performing at the beginning of the 20th century and the performances of which are always well received both in Mojácar and in the province.