First performance of the Mojácar Red Cross senior citizens theatre group a great success

Great success for the first performance of the Mojácar Red Cross theatre group for senior citizens, which debuted with an original work, which was fun and full of humour.

The actors know how to capture the audience’s attention, getting lots of smiles and earning the admiration of everyone there with their quick, jovial, spark-filled dialogues.
An entertaining evening which made a good impression on the members of the audience, who were wondering when the next performance would be.
For their part, the veteran actors also enjoyed being on stage and were able to transmit their vitality and good work.
The Mojácar Red Cross Theatre Workshop is part of the comprehensive programme for elderly people that the association organises.
A commendable job which the volunteers work on so that elderly people can carry on with their daily lives, developing their independence so that they can be in their homes for as long as possible with a good quality of life.
In this line of actions, Mojácar Red Cross does accompaniment to make managing procedures easier and to alleviate loneliness, organising technical assistance should it be necessary, as well as an outreach service with regular calls to check how people are, and dealing with new technologies.
But undoubtedly, the greatest acceptance among our senior citizens is found in the different active ageing workshops that Mojácar Red Cross organises and the healthy walks and excursions.
Our elderly were perhaps those who most felt the lockdown, and now there is a great desire to resume all the activities postponed in the last two years.
Outstanding for now on the calendar is the cooking competition that the Red Cross organises annually in collaboration with Mojácar Council, for which the “lifelong” recipes and the flavours which only the grandmothers know how to obtain are the main focus and the perfect excuse for a get-together in the open-air.