Mojácar senior citizens organise a theatre performance hand in hand with the Red Cross.


The Mojácar Local Assembly of the Spanish Red Cross has organised a theatre play with local senior citizens in collaboration with Mojácar Council.

Under the title, The curtain goes up, and with a “Grand Golden Festival, they are getting back to a play planned for 2019 and which will see the light on Sunday 26th June, at 9pm in the Multi-Uses Centre.

The Red Cross Senior Citizens Theatre Company will be presenting the original work, created by the company itself.

A long-awaited premiere, given that for two consecutive years, having planned everything – learning the lines, rehearsals, costumes, etc. -, they had to cancel due to the pandemic.

You should not miss the performance as the seniors have put a great deal of enthusiasm and interest into their work as actors, and they show that still have a lot to surprise us with.

The Red Cross, Mojácar Local Assembly, also calls for a good turnout from members of the public for the double purpose of encouraging their senior students and of collaborating financially with this essential institution, which does so much good and provides so much help to all sectors of society. The price is symbolic, five euros, plus they are giving away a ticket for the “Sorteo de Oro” lottery.

This original work deals with the tribulations between students and teachers on one school day. Along with this performance, Antonio Casado will screen, in strict premiere, the short film “Ruido” (Noise), some sequences of its “making of” having already been previewed in the 1st Almería Short Film Competition.

You will be able to enjoy the short films “Grooming” by Francisco Yélamos Marín; “Querido diario” (Dear diary), by Rocío Guijarro; “Virgen Santa” (Saintly Virgin), by Oscar Gagliardi, and “Ruido”, by Antonio Casado.

Come along on Sunday to enjoy watching and to support our senior citizens, and of course the non-profit association, Spanish Red Cross, Mojácar Assembly.

For Mojácar Red Cross, in the countless actions it carries out in a wide range of support, senior citizens form an important part of its work. They pay special attention to elderly people: many of them are affected by loneliness, disabilities, with a chronic illness and without a network of family support. The workshops, the contests, all the activities which its volunteers programme, such as the visit to the Ibañez Museum, among others, are of great importance for our elderly.