Giant dinosaurs arrive in Mojácar today Thursday in a fun show for all the family.

The “Perdidos entre Dinosaurios” (Lost among Dinosaurs) show lands in Mojácar today Thursday 23rd December at 7pm in the Multi-uses Centre, as the last activity of the year dedicated to children and to the family.

As part of the Christmas programme organised by Mojácar Council through the Culture Department, Perdidos entre Dinosaurios recounts the adventures of Sara, a fearless, nature-loving young woman and owner of a leisure boat with which she makes a living taking out tourists.
One afternoon out alone on the sea, she is surprised by a storm which drags her to a lost island where dinosaurs still live.
Sara’s father, worried about his missing daughter, takes on an expert guide, Indalecio Jones, alias Indi, who along with her dad sets out in search of Sara.
Neither are experts in the field, and after getting into lots of jams, it is Sara who in the end finds the two taking refuge in an old abandoned laboratory. There they discover in an incubator a dinosaur egg which is about to hatch, witnessing the birth of a baby dinosaur.
Perdidos entre Dinosaurios is one of the most successful shows of the season. It has travelled around nearly the whole of Spain, delighting all the family.
It arrives in Mojácar with two impressive two-metre, 3.5-metre-long dinosaurs: a Spinosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Next generation dinosaurs, two giant animatronics operated by professional actors, who are joined on stage by another much smaller one born during the performance.
An unmissable fun adventure. Tickets will be on sale in the Mojácar Pueblo and Mojácar Playa tourist offices at very reasonable prices.