Mojácar Council and the Valparaíso Foundation resume grants for international artists.

Mojácar Council and the Valparaíso Foundation have in December resumed their collaboration in their work to promote creation and research in the field of fine arts, and with it the grants to artists, which over the years have brought together in the locality creators from all over the world.

Interrupted by the pandemic, this month Mojácar has once again received six artists: Spanish filmmaker and photographer Javier Morales; visual artist Bárbara Arcos; María Rosa Aránega, also a visual artist and researcher; photographer Carlos Aguilera; Haitian poet Luis Bertony; and New York painter Caritas Young.
Javier Morales is part of the Granada-based audio-visual production company Ínsula Sur, made up of a multi-disciplinary collective of creators of numerous documentaries. They also make creative content for brands and agencies. They have received numerous mentions and nominations at prestigious contemporary art festivals, and have clients such as Estrella Galicia, the University of Granada, Catalana Occidente, Huawei, etc.
Bárbara Arcos is a University of Granada Fine Arts graduate. She has a masters in research and creation in the arts from the Madrid Fine Arts Faculty. She is currently working on researching the categories of limit, stability and permanence in the subject
Almería-born María Rosa Aránega is the illustrator of, among others, “The miedo de los niños” (The children’s fear), written by Antonio Muñoz, and author of numerous publications, some of them in the Antonio Gala Foundation collection for young creators.
Carlos Aguilera is a “photojournalist”, and with his work he tries to get to the bottom of things from a very particular perspective. He’s not interested in the apparently “nice”, the superficial, rather the opposite. His passion lies in capturing the process behind the official version, “which always shows a reality closer to that which it is intended to show.”
Born in Haiti, Luis Bertony, studied law, but his life is in poetry. He is a member of the French Le Cénacle des Treize literary association and has participated in numerous poetry publications, as well as being the author of many books of poems.
Artistic activity resumes in the Valparaíso Foundation and in Mojácar Council Culture Department, reactivating the grants to artists which offers promising young people from the world of art the opportunity to get to know the locality and the many opportunities it offers for the development of their work.