Junior Lifeguards´on Mojácar´s Beaches

Junior  Lifeguards´on Mojácar´s Beaches.

This year, the 25 lifeguards on duty on Mojácar’s beaches will be joined on Sundays by youngsters, with the idea of introducing them to first aid and rescue work.

Every summer, children’s educational activities are organised by members of the company Ebone, including “Junior Lifeguard” for the first time

The children will be instructed on how to make a 112 emergency call, how to perform basic resuscitation and the Heimlich Manoeuvre, as well as going into the sea with life-saving equipment so they can see at first hand the lifeguard’s work.   Also, they will be told all about the importance of following the guidance given by the flags and the lifeguards, so that everyone can safely enjoy the town’s magnificent beaches.

The first session was held on the Pueblo Indalo beach last week, attended by a dozen children with their parents, who all showed great interest in the lifeguards’ explanations.   However, there was an interruption due to a real life emergency, when someone suffered a heart attack on the beach there. Thanks to the rapid intervention of the rescue team, the person was resuscitated and transferred by ambulance to the Huercal-Overa Hospital, where they thankfully recovered.

Over the summer, simulated rescue drills will be carried out on Mojácar’s beaches in order to ensure that the lifeguards are fully prepared for all emergencies, as well making everyone at the beach aware of the importance of procedures in the event of a dangerous situation.

Mojácar’s lifeguards are also there to assist anyone with mobility issues if they need assistance getting in and out of the sea. There are also a number of amphibious chairs available for this purpose which can be requested from the lifeguard.