Osaïa Reding, becomes Junior World Kitesurf Champion

Osaia Reding becomes Junior World Kitesurf Champion.

Mojácar’s own international star, Osaïa Reding, has just won the Junior Kitesurf world championship, placing her firmly at the top of this risky sport, even though at age 13 she is the youngest on the circuit. This talented youngster’s track record speaks for itself and, her winning formula has earned her a gold medal as champion of Spain, as well as fifth place in the European Championship.
This first world title, which will no doubt be followed by others, was won at Saint Pere Pescador on the Costa Brava, where her 23 points put her way ahead of the runner up’s score of 12. Her emotional reaction “I don’t believe it”, sums up her commendable modesty, whose countless days of dedicated training, along with her aptitude and skill, set her above her rivals. She displays maturity beyond her years and, whilst thrilled with the results of her hard work, she has plenty of admiration for her talented opponents. The wealth of experiences she has had already in her short life have taught her to advise all young people to reach for the stars and never give up.
For a while, as the season closes for her, Osaïa will put competitions to one side and the next challenge in store for her after the summer is a course for elite junior riders in Brazil with two of the world’s best kite surfing coaches. Until then, this energetic girl with a permanent smile can be seen training on the waters by Mojácar’s Hotel Indalo, where she passes away the summer at her parents’ sailing school, while taking some time out to enjoy a well deserved break.
Her sponsors, including Mojácar Council, are also delighted with Osaïa’s progress and success. The Councillors for Sports, Ana García and for Tourism, Emmanuel Agüero, met up to personally congratulate the little star and give her plenty words of encouragement to keep her brilliant sports career firmly on track.