The Junta inaugurates the Mojácar bus station and transfers its management to the Local Council

.The Regional Development Minister, Rocío Díaz, visits facilities that have been built with an investment of more than 600,000 euros

The Regional Minister of Development, Territory Planning and Housing, Rocío Díaz, and the Mojácar Mayor, Francisco García, have inaugurated the municipality’s new bus station, which has been received by the Local Council, which from now on will be in charge of its management and maintenance.
The Junta de Andalucia has invested 653,421 euros in the construction of a transport interchange that “will bring together all the interurban transport offer in Mojácar, whether in summer or winter”, the regional minister stated, who gave a reminder of the tourism pulling-power of a municipality which sees its population multiply during the summer period.
Rocío Díaz expressed her satisfaction at “paying off a historical debt of the Junta with this municipality” and with this resolve “the existing deficiencies in public transportation with a functional building.” Likewise, she showed her appreciation for the close collaboration at all times between the Junta and the Local Council that has made these facilities possible.
every moment between the Board and the City Council that has made this equipment possible. The regional minister indicated that these facilities seek “the inter-modality that we are always looking for to promote public transportation”, since it has a taxi rank, four bays for metropolitan buses and a fifth bay for the urban bus service. “All with the idea of looking for more sustainable mobility,” the regional minister stated.
For his part, the Mojácar Mayor expressed satisfaction with the construction of an interchange that “will cover the demand of our residents and visitors.” “Until today we have not had a central point to deal with all arrivals and departures from Mojácar,” the mayor said, who thanked the Andalucian Government for its commitment, not only to the bus station, but to the development of other infrastructure, such as the health centre and the bypass.
Mojácar, with nearly 7,000 inhabitants, increases its population to 40,000 inhabitants in summer. More than 40 bus trips usually stop in the Almeria municipality, a number that has increased on some routes in the summer period
summer, given its tourist character. Despite the large volume of travellers, it did not until now have a specific facility to serve the public transport offer. The
intercity buses stop at various points distributed throughout the municipality. The main one is called La Fuente and is located on Avenida de Andalucia, near the junction with Camino Huertas de las Parras.

Following an agreement between the Local Council and the Junta de Andalucía, the bus interchange is located on a municipally owned plot of 5,607sqm on the
Avenida de Andalucía (AL-6111), which is the road that connects the historic centre of the municipality with its coastal development. In addition, it has a good connection with the Mojácar bypass and offers a direct exit to the Mediterranean Dual Carriageway (A-7).
The station, which has had co-financing from the European FEDER funds, has a large esplanade for four 15-metre-long bus bays, as well as an operations building where the offices, lockers and toilets are located. Said building is single-storey, rectangular in shape, 5 x 10 metres, and has services for
providing a comfortable wait for the user. The bus bays’ waiting esplanade, as well as having street furniture, has been equipped with a metal open canopy that creates a shaded area on the whole esplanade.
Due to the unevenness of the plot, it has been necessary to build several retaining walls of reinforced concrete on its limit with the AL-6111 road, the
height of which varies throughout the entire layout, depending on the difference in the level between the interchange esplanade and the road. Likewise, on the opposite side of the esplanade, where it borders the Campos watercourse, a gabion wall has been built to retain the esplanade along its entire perimeter with the Campos watercourse.
Rocío Díaz recalled that the station itself had been built months before by the company Construcciones Nila, but that before handing it over a series of authorisations for energy and water supply had to be resolved. After resolving these issues, the regional minister and the mayor have also signed the transfer of the facilities to the local authority so that it contracts the necessary services for its maintenance and management. In the meantime, the Local Council will progressively put the facilities into service.
The regional minister and the mayor attended the inauguration of the new facilities accompanied by the Junta de Andalucía’s Government Delegate in Almería, Aranzazu Martín; the general director of Transport Infrastructure, Eduardo Gutierrez; the general director of Road Infrastructure, Alfonso Lujano, and the Territorial Development, Territory Planning and Housing delegate in Almería, Dolores Martínez Utrera.