The magic of Disney fills the streets of Mojácar this Sunday 26th November

Tomorrow, Sunday the 26th of November, Mojácar gets back the magic of Disney and organises the most emblematic and most fun celebration, where all the characters from the international animation factory will be in the municipality.

Starting at 11.30am in the old town, all the Disney characters are called to come together for the most cinematic procession known in the province.
All the residents, friends, tourists and visitors who wish to do so and dressed as their favourite character, will parade through the centre of Mojácar. There will also be a parade, face painting, a song contest, with prizes for those who guess the tunes of the best-known films, games, children’s activities, dances and many surprises.

Starting at 2pm, a giant paella will be given out, free of charge, to all those taking part so they can recharge their batteries to carry on with the festivities.
The magic of Disney in Mojácar is organised by Mojácar Council and the Walt Was Here Association, which investigates Walt Disney’s possible Mojácar origins.
At the same time as this interesting activity, Walt Was Here does the work of keeping the legend alive to make the children and young people of the locality aware, at the same time as highlighting the value of his work and the importance of his legacy in the world of dreams and the magic that has been very present in several generations, always from the perspective of his birth in Mojácar.

In the first edition of the “Magic of Disney in Mojácar” last year, more than 1,000 people gathered, all dressed up, either alone or in a group, doing dance routines and giving performances of the best-known Disney factory films, turning Mojácar into a splendid setting for fantasy and dreams.
Based on the success of the last gathering, this year many more members of the public are expected. The Walt Was Here Association and the Local Council have expanded the range of activities and surprises, so fun is guaranteed

What’s more, “The Magic of Disney at Christmas” will serve as a preamble to the 2023-2024 Christmas festivities, which are very near, which in Mojácar will be experienced in a very special way and for which Mojácar Council has prepared an intense calendar of activities designed for children and adults.
A Christmas in Mojácar that, since becoming winner in the “Together we shine more” contest, represents one of the most fascinating attractions at this time of year, recovering the Christmas spirit and the excitement that now have a place and date in the municipality.