The magic of Disney fills Mojácar with members of the public and its most popular characters

The second edition of “The Magic of Disney in Mojácar”, held last Sunday, filled the locality’s old town with many of the well-known leading characters from the most important factory in the world of animation.

The call to come along exceeded all expectations and the whole of Mojácar old town of Mojácar was filled with children and families eagerly awaiting their favourite characters. Many of them also dressed up and hugged their cuddly toy versions.
Nearly 3,000 people did not want to miss Mojácar’s tribute to the legendary Walt Disney and take a photo or greet many of their favourite characters who were parading through the streets of the municipality.
From Goofy, Pluto, Donald, Daisy, dancers performing choreography from The Lion King, with Simba and Nala included, to Micky and Minnie, the most photographed, and to Snow White and other princesses, the witch with her apple, Alice and so on to a long list of characters with which all the leads of the Disney filmography were remembered.
“The Magic of Disney in Mojácar”, organised by the Local Council and the Walt Was Here Association, which investigates the possible birth of Disney in Mojácar, is a celebration that is now part of the municipality’s calendar and that every year will improve and expand in its organisation.
“A dream come true,” according to the president of the Association who, together with the Local Council, has the decision to keep the magic of Disney in Mojácar more present and more alive every day.
Two large murals now decorate the streets: one at the entrance to Mojácar, where Micky welcomes visitors, and another next to the municipal public school, where the story of Walt Disney and his possible Mojácar origins greets children every morning before going into the school.
This Christmas, and as part of the programming put together by the Local Council for December, starting on the 8th, the day of the official Mojácar Christmas lights switch-on gala, it is planned that the Disney characters will return to the locality and all the children who so wish will be able to see them and get photos of themselves with them in the squares and main streets of the old town from 7pm to 9pm.