Levante Cup 2024 returns to Almería with record participation and Mojácar as host

The Levante Cup competition returns to Almería province for another year, with Mojácar as one of the tournament venues. The competition which began this May with the women will continue throughout June.

In this new edition, there will be more participation than ever with 150 teams and more than 3,000 footballers from the six categories: pre-youngest, youngest, novice, youth, women’s, and women’s youth/ cadet with the ‘Ciudad de Mojácar’ pitch the venue for play.

Also noteworthy is the participation of La Liga clubs’ affiliates and the best national football academies, attracting an audience of approximately 20,000 people for all the matches.

It has been 10 years since the first edition, when the knowledge and experience of Patxi Montiel and Javi Méndez came together to create this competition, which has become one of the benchmark trophies in this country and raises great expectations as demonstrated by the more than 250,000 views its matches have registered on its YouTube channel.

Last week, the Peña Madridista ‘Ciudad del Sol’ from Lorca managed to lift the XI Levante Cup 2024 Grassroots Football Trophy as winner in the women’s youth-cadet category. While the tournament continues with the rest of the categories until the weekend of the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of June with the arrival of the teams’ coaching staff and the players’ family members, turning this event into an economic agent for Mojácar due to its large hotel capacity.