‘Yoga by the Sea’ classes end with success for participation

This weekend the last ‘Yoga by the Sea’ class was held, a Mojácar Council initiative to promote sport for all the municipality’s residents, locals and tourists.

For 17 weekends, since the end of January, every Sunday it has been possible to enjoy a free yoga class on Lance Nuevo beach taught by yoga teacher Simona Quatela.

The classes were adapted for all levels and according to the comments received Simona confirms that: “we have had a great response in terms of participation, very good, between 20 and 30 depending on the weekend”.

The yoga sessions were for all ages and, in addition there were activities for those who attended with their children, who could enjoy games on the beach at the same time.

Simona explains: ‘Most of those taking part have been women aged 25 and over, however, we have also had very interested male members of the public who regularly attended the classes.’

In regard to the origin of those taking part, it has been an activity with participants of various nationalities, from Spanish, Swedish, English and German, but also due to the municipality’s tourism, tourists interested in the initiative have turned up.