Residents of Marina de la Torre in Mojácar publicly thank the beach lifeguard for his efforts

With the tourist season about to come to an end, many summer holidaymakers are heading back home to return to their daily routines.

Residents of Marina de la Torre didn’t want to leave the municipality without expressing to Mojácar Council their gratitude to the lifeguard who has been keeping watch over their beaches all summer, Carlos Cedarri.
“Throughout the summer he has demonstrated his professionalism, worthy of the highest praise”, the residents said at the beginning of the letter presented to the Local Council, signed by many.
They go on to highlight “his friendliness his advice, especially to children and teenagers, helping the elderly and the not so old with any difficulty, actions which in some cases went beyond the responsibilities which go with his post.”
Carlos Cedarri has been dedicated to lifesaving for nearly 20 years and has more than 100 rescues to his credit. He loves his job, which means he gives his utmost in his daily work.
This is the first time he has worked in Mojácar. He has felt very comfortable and supported by bathers. He would not hesitate to return next season.
He has worked throughout Spain and in other parts of the world. In fact, his qualification is international and allows him to work anywhere, but he “has fallen in love with Mojácar.
“It has something special, and now with all the friends I’ve made, even more so.”
As a fan of the sea and of his work, before his day begins he goes along the beach area under his supervision, swimming, noting the changes which may have occurred and which represent a danger to bathers. Then the lifeguards’ dynamic routine begins: in the chair, without losing sight of the people in the sea, walking along the shore, especially in the most dangerous areas, always in direct contact with beachgoers.
They have had a number of rescues of bathers, the occasional kite-surfer in trouble, without major consequences in any case, but more than anything it has been prevention, explaining the regulations to bathers and why it is necessary to comply with them, as well as the possible risks from non-observance.
This work is carried out through the company Cooperación 2005 S.L., which has signed an agreement with Mojácar Council on watching over its beaches.
By virtue of this agreement, this summer the beaches of Mojácar have had 35 lifeguards, three skippers for the two available boats and two coordinators. They have provided jet skis, an ambulance, a 4×4 and other vehicles, which have been very useful throughout the summer and which have been in addition to the technical and human resources available to the Local Council.
A quiet summer, thanks to everyone’s excellent work, without any incidents worth mentioning and with no serious accidents.