Mojácar´s schoolchildren celebrate the anniversary of the Disney Factory and Mickey Mouse´s birthday

Infants and first-cycle pupils from the Mojácar Bartolomé Flores Public School have celebrated the birthday of one of the best-known animation characters, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and the Disney Factory, with the reading of children’s stories, spiced up by a special representative of the popular couple.

In the Plaza del Parterre, divided into two groups, 400 children enjoyed a fun morning in the company of “Paula Mandarín”, who told them many stories and tales regarding the most famous characters to come out of the Disney animation company. Tales and stories in which they could also take part.
Some of the little ones were delighted to find out that, very probably, the famous Walt Disney, father of their favourite cartoons, was, “like them,” from Mojácar, they happily commented.
This initiative came from the Department of Children, Education and Culture and its head, Noemí Linares, who in this way has joined in with the events that are being held in the municipality for this centenary and for the possible connection of Disney with Mojácar.
There is currently a large mural with the story of his birth and his departure with his mother to the United States on one of the walls of the Bartolomé Flores public school. Another large mural has for a few days now been standing out at the entrance to the municipality on the façade of the public library, with a giant Mickey Mouse giving a welcome to the village. They are some of the first actions that Mojácar Council has planned to pay tribute to him.
The 16th of October is the official date on which the 100 years of the founding of the Disney company and its most popular character are celebrated. Although officially Mickey’s birthday would be the 18th of November, the date of his film debut, the company heads have decided to combine both celebrations as this world-famous mouse was Walt Disney’s first creation.
The legend about the possible birth of Walt Disney in Mojácar comes to life more than ever and the Walt Was Here Association continues working to highlight the importance of this theory and gather all the necessary documentation to confirm it.