The Moors and Christians Associations sets new date for the 2024 festivities

The Almosaquer Moors and Christians Association has set the official dates for the celebration of the 2004 Moors and Christians Festival for the 14th, 15th and 16th of June.

The Association’s board met to confirm the change of date due to the European Parliament elections being held on the 9th of June 9, 2024.
This overlap on the calendar with the traditional days on which Mojácar organises the Moors and Christians festivities would complicate the normal staging of the activities that the Association programmes for each edition of these festivities that are so passionately enjoyed in Mojácar.
In 2024 the Mojácar Moors and Christians festival is 36 years old, as it was first organised in 1988. Since then, it has not stopped growing or having an increasingly greater presence in the municipality.
Mojácar currently has four Moorish “kábilas” and three Christian camps, in which the entire town gathers, making up part of some of them. It is not unusual to find three generations of the same family parading and participating in the numerous events scheduled throughout the three days of celebration.
The work of the Almosaquer Association goes on throughout the year. Every two weeks, the presidents of each kábila and barracks meet to outline new features or improvements for the following season.
They are currently preparing and choosing content for the next edition of the Moors and Christians magazine, which comes out every year in April and which includes a complete summary of the previous edition and a preview of what the following will be.
Also in the pipeline is the contest for Moorish and Christian bands, which aims to provide the festivities with a specific musical programme and has a prize for the top two of 1,000 euros and 500 euros donated by the Association and Mojacar Council.
The permanent exhibition “Encounters” located in the Mojácar castle Arab water storage facilities, brings together the history of this adventure from its beginnings. Clothes, posters and mainly photos, show how the celebration and many of its characters have grown.