Mojácar Council approves its 2018 budget.

Mojácar Council has approved the municipal budget for the coming financial year in a recent plenary session, with an amount totalling 11,075,259 euros, which involves an increase of just over 900,000 euros compared to the current year.

This rise is due to the growth of works license revenues, updated IBI payments (an increase of 9.8% for Urban IBI and 23.37% for Rustic IBI), vehicle taxes (which represents 4.05% of the budget), taxes on economic activities, municipal taxes with a growth of 240% and other miscellaneous income.
With regard to expenses, the financial department recorded an amount 25.79% less than the previous year, due to the decrease in bank debts as the surplus in 2017 was allocated to the repayment of loans.

Expenses, compared to the previous year, have increased by 8.26% due to new measures taken on security, contracted canine training, the water supply, public building cleaning, tourism and various other new projects.

For 2018, the planned investments amount to 1,857,000 euros, divided among some 39 separate project areas outlined in the budget including amongst others; expropriations necessary for the construction coastal bypass road, an extension to the cemetery, public lighting, asphalting, computer equipment as well as a new vehicle and a drone for the Local Police.

Also included in the budget is first contribution towards the construction of a retirement centre and residence in Mojácar, a service which the Mayor, Rosa María Cano, stated was urgently needed not only in the town but throughout the area. Before the plenary session, she described the budget as “real, without inflated revenue items, quantified according to payments already made and balanced, with workers’ salaries guaranteed as well as payments to suppliers and other outstanding expenses.” This is a budget that Mojácar’s Government Team has presented as a result of good management, approved with votes in favour by the Popular Party and Councillor Lucas Mayo.