Santa Claus pays an early visit to Mojácar´s Nursery with gits for all children

Santa Claus recently made his annual early stop at Mojácar’s Municipal Nursery, “Garabatos”, before he starts his busy Christmas schedule visiting children all around the world.

Raquel Belmonte, the local Councillor for Children, welcomed Santa and his helpers to the Nursery, first of all chatting to him about the children’s progress as well as planned improvements to the Nursery facilities next year. The little ones, (from babies up to 3 years of age), along with their parents and school staff, then received gifts from Santa himself which had been provided by Mojácar Council, who had previously sent him a letter listing the children’s requests.
For many, it was the first time they had the chance to see Santa in person and the visit certainly took them by surprise with some tiny ones naturally being a little scared at first. Any tears quickly melted away, however, bringing smiles all round and lots of excitement about their new toys.
After the gifts were handed out, there was a welcome snack and a session of games and fun for the youngsters with their parents, family and friends. Before Santa said goodbye, he told the children how pleased he was with their good behaviour throughout the year. Next are his busy preparations for Christmas Eve, when along with his helpers, he will speedily visit all their homes without of course being seen!