Marisol Brunet exhibits her work at Mojácar´s Centro de Arte

Mojácar’s La Fuente art centre is hosting an exhibition by the artist Marisol Brunet until March 8th, featuring 53 eye-catching pencil and ink drawings.

Marisol has arranged her strikingly original pieces in a circle so that viewer is able to enjoy the works individually or as a whole and, in them she has incorporated all kinds of media and papers to capture her ideas. She cleverly superimposes transparent elements in black ink that give life, movement and purpose to each drawing, grabbing the attention of all those who are drawn towards her paintings.
Now living in the province for 13 years, she has a strong academic background that continues to flourish through all kinds of courses and experiences that open up new avenues of inspiration in her artistic creations to further enrich her work.
Currently, Marisol is pursuing an interest in cinematography with reflecting moving images using transparency and pencil overlay techniques, whilst making studies of movement by employing video-art.
It is a ‘not to be missed’ exhibition that leaves no one indifferent and is open to the public free of charge from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.