Mojácar base for Levante Cup 2024

Mojácar will be the base for the “Levante Cup 2024” football tournament, an important and established youth football tournament in which the best Spanish youth football academies take part.

The Levante Cup has six categories: “pre-benjamín” (5-7 years old), “benjamín” (under-10), “alevín” (under-12), youth (under-14), girls and youth/junior girls, with the playing base in Mojácar.

For this Levante Cup 2024 edition, there is more participation than ever, among which the league clubs’ feeder teams and the best national football academies stand out, although it also has 150 teams and more than 3,000 footballers, as well as more than 100 volunteers for the organisation and an estimated more than 20,000 family members and fans attending throughout all the matches.

With 10 years since its first edition, now with the name of Levante Cup, the development of the competition for these young promises and its results, raises great expectations as demonstrated by the 250,000 views of matches recorded on their YouTube channels and the more than 50,000 followers on social media. They are also followed live on Canal Deporte, with 330,000 viewers, registering two million views on this same channel.

In the pre-Benjamín category, 20 teams will compete, among which four league club feeder teams and the best national soccer academies will play, divided up into the four groups into which the competition of this category will be divided, so that there will always be one of the feeder teams in each group of participants.

The benjamin group has 32 teams and eight of the league club feeder teams. As in the previous category, they will be divided into groups, eight in this case, guaranteeing that there is a feeder team in each group. It is the same with the alevins and children F11. The F11-F8 girls have 16 teams that will be divided into four groups.

The competition will begin from the 24th to 26th of May with the girls and will go on throughout the month and in June, with the final matches being held from the 21st to the 23rd of June. Mojácar is taking part in this Levante Cup 2024 with a team for each boy’s category.

The importance of these football matches lies not only in the promotion of sport and providing the training of young teams with another incentive when they have to compete against more established teams. It also represents an opportunity for players to have a platform where their game and skills can be seen by professional “scouts” who attend the matches.

Up to now, 13 football players from the area have been recruited by the league’s big teams and in each edition they travel to the football grounds and carefully observe how the matches go.

The Levante Cup is an arduous adventure that Patxi Montiel and Javier Méndez began 10 years ago. With a great deal of work, effort, and above all a lot of enthusiasm and a love for football, they have managed to create a benchmark football platform in this country. The recognition for this work is evident in the numerous awards and mentions for sporting merit that are always deserved at all the sports galas.