Mojácar Council resumes free guided tours around the municipality

Free guided walking tours and cultural and nature interpretive routes running through different areas of the municipality resume in Mojácar, organised by Mojácar Council through the Tourism Department.

Under the motto “Discover Mojácar in autumn and winter”, the Tourism Department wants to publicise the history, the environment and the resources that have marked the evolution of the municipality and its people.

The first of these routes has already begun, starting last Saturday 27th of January from the district of Sopalmo, going through Bordenares and La Granatilla.

These routes will run every weekend until March. There are 20 planned in total and each of them will go through emblematic areas of the municipality.

The Sopalmo route is eight kilometres and medium difficulty. This route begins with the history of the point from which the itinerary starts: Sopalmo as a population centre that was created from the mining exploitation and local mule drivers in the area on their way to Carboneras in the 19th century.

A mining exploitation that had two copper mines and an iron mine and that had an important role in the life and economy of the area’s residents.

Going down the Granatilla dry watercourse, you cross an area of great geological interest, included in the Andalucian inventory of geo-resources, full of volcanic rocks that cooled on contact with the sea. What stands out most is its stratified colouring that corresponds to the folds of the terrain that can be appreciated with the naked eye. Each stratum presents a tone according to its mineral composition, which goes from grey to brown through various purple tones.

The entire route runs along the subbetic fault so the hiker can appreciate the volcanic rocks and the land movements distributed along the whole route, which makes it of great geological interest.

Flora and fauna also have their place on this visit. Mastic trees and their use by the Arabs, fan palms, kidney vetch and a wide and endemic list of plant resources that, together with bird watching, make for an unforgettable experience.

Following this dry watercourse, you reach the sea where a small beach of volcanic sand offers a viewpoint of the Mediterranean where it is possible to spot whales on their way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Next Saturday 4th of February the route will be around Mojácar village and the paths used by the ancient inhabitants on their commercial movements.

The last edition of these routes registered a high number of participants, with an average of more than 20 hikers on each one. Its easy route, which makes it suitable for everyone, the understanding of the places visited through a guide and the interest of the areas visited is an ideal weekend getaway.