Mojácar inaugurates its Nativity Scene and begins Christmas with a grand show

Mojácar now has its municipal nativity scene installed and open to the public, officially inaugurated with the blessing of the Santa María Church Parish Priest, Mr Victor Manuel Fernández and in the presence of the local Mayor, Francisco García Cerdá, and his government team and a large public who, as has become habitual, come along to this religious event that marks the beginning of Christmas.

The nativity scene has been set in the Mojácar landscape, as it has been represented in recent years, with its most emblematic buildings integrated into the representation of the birth of Jesus. Country houses in the style of the locality, Mojácar castle, the mosque and also recreating details of the traditionally made goods and fabrics.
Within the landscape that surrounds the nativity scene, the plants are natural and native, hence giving it a typically local atmosphere.
It has 35 figures that represent the most representative characters of the most traditional nativity scenes, and this year more figures have been added that have been donated by a private individual to Mojácar municipality. They are very realistic, acquired by the Local Council more than 50 years ago from a well-known workshop in Murcia, with Neapolitan tradition and typical inspiration of the Murcian nativity scene masters in their work.
Following the blessing, those who went along could enjoy sweets that, accompanied by a good cup of hot chocolate, extended the celebration with a now marked Christmas atmosphere and the excitement, in both children and adults, due to the proximity of these festivities that begin with this inauguration.
Among the activities planned for Christmas in Mojácar, which include performances and concerts, today Saturday, the Christmas Flamenco Gala stands out with the presence of José Serrano, “Pepín”, first dancer of the Sara Baras Company and the National Ballet of Spain, accompanied by his flamenco “cuadro” (dance and music group).
José Serrano, born in Córdoba, has had a long and successful professional life, being one of the most prestigious flamenco dancers. Among his extensive CV is, in 2004, working on the choreography of Asturias alongside Sara Baras in Carlos Saura’s film Iberia, which premiered in 2005. He also participates as the company’s guest artist, likewise for Sara Baras for the revival of the show “Sueños” and for the new production of “Sabores”, which premiered in Paris in December 2005.
A great performance, that will be at 8.30pm in the Mojácar Multi-Uses Centre.