Mojácar, base for the final of the Almería Educational Sports Duathlon Cross Games Circuit

The second and final trial of the Duathlon Cross Educational Promotion Circuit was held in Mojácar, organised as part of the Almería Provincial Council’s school sports Promotion Department’s Provincial Sports Games project, and in this case also with the collaboration of Mojácar Council.

The categories contested in Mojácar were those corresponding to the Benjamín (under-10), Alevín (under-12) and Children (under-14), both male and female.
In total 44 participants corresponding to the CD Vas and CD Galosport clubs, from Roquetas de Mar; CD Triathlon from El Ejido; CD Triatlon from Tíjola and CD Entrena Trijuansa.
Marina de la Torre in Mojácar was the setting for the race that took place from 10am to 1pm, the time scheduled for the presentation of the trophies by the locality’s sports councillor, Jesús Montoya Gradilla, who was also there for the whole race, closely following the development of the race, which was held without incident.
In the triathlon promotion circuit, in its 2023/2024 edition, the trial staged in Mojácar, as with the previous one held in Fines, allows the participation of federated and non-federated athletes, in the categories Benjamín (born between 2014 -2015), Alevín (2012-2013), and Children (2010-2011), covering the distance of 250m, 500m and 1,000m in the first race on foot. In the second trial, cycling, the distance was 1,000m, 2000m and 4,000m, followed by another race on foot of 125m, 250m and 500m, according to the Benjamin, Alevín or Children’s category respectively.
Mojácar Council’s Sports Department, through its head, Jesús Montoya Gredilla, actively participates with the Almería Provincial Council and the Provincial Delegations of the corresponding Andalucian Federations, taking on the commitment to promote different sports competitions at school age, of an unofficial nature, for those athletes who, motivated by obtaining sporting results, have not yet acquired the level required for the official federated competitions, in this way dealing with the work of promoting grassroots sport through the “Basis Sports Performance Promotion Circuits”, aimed at the development of sports activities.