Mojácar maintains the tradition of taking up of the water and its bessing by Saint Ausgustine, its Patron Saint


Among the many traditions preserved in Mojácar’s patron saint festivities, the Taking up of the Water and the Floral Offering is one of the oldest and most deeply rooted among the locality’s residents..

Centuries old, the Taking up of the Water brings together up to four generations and there are increasingly children, young people, residents in general and visitors who join in with this tradition.
Whether it is carried in the pitchers that the women of Mojácar carry on their heads, the custom has been maintained over time to thank their Patron Saint for the blessing of water and a fountain that has never lost its water or its powerful glow, giving life and sustenance to the population.
A unique event where the people of Mojácar, dressed in the typical costume of the locality or in frilled dresses, pay homage to the water, which goes up from the Mojácar fountain to the Santa María Parish Church for its blessing, following the route that in yesteryear the Mojácar women used to take water to their homes.
Opening the walk up, the Festivites Queen, Iris Fernández, accompanied by her ladies: Laura Rayza, María Flores and Luz Riveiro, followed by the locality’s mayor, Francisco García Cerdá, and the members of his government team. Following them, a colourful and numerous procession.
Every year there are more visitors and tourists who join the residents of Mojácar, forming along the entire climb to the Church Square, a joyous and mass procession of flowers and pitchers, accompanied by the Municipal Music Band.
At the door of the Santa María Parish Church, a fortress church built in the 16th century on the remains of an old mosque, the parish priest awaited them, who after blessing everyone, proceeded to celebrate Holy Mass, but not before decorating the altar with the floral offerings also offered by the faithful.