Pilar Martínez-Cosentino herald of the Mojácar Festivities in Honour of Saint Augustine

With the reading of the proclamation of the fiestas by Pilar Martinez-Cosentino Alfonso and the election of the Queen and the Ladies of Honour, the celebration of the Mojácar 2023 patron saint festivities officially began.

With the Plaza Nueva full of people, Mojácar Mayor, Francisco García Cerdá, after thanking the numerous residents and visitors for coming along, invited all those present to enjoy several days of fun, calling for harmony, happiness and fraternity. “The Mojácar festivities are festivities of harmonious coexistence, and looking always for the common goal of making Mojácar the best place in the world.” After also thanking all those who made this celebration possible, Francisco García Cerdá, introduced the herald of the 2023 festivities.
Pilar Martínez-Cosentino is Executive Vice-President of the Cosentino Group. She has a degree in Law and Business Legal Advice from the Comillas Pontifical University, ICADE, in Madrid, and an MBA from the Business Institute. She is among the 100 leading women in Spain and the Best Director of Andalucía, to point out some of her well-earned distinctions.
A special herald, who with her simplicity and friendliness knew how to win over the audience, who interrupted her proclamation several times with applause, and who at the end received a standing ovation, as well as the affection and congratulations of all those present.
Pilar Martinez-Cosentino mentioned her childhood in Mojácar, her youth, and ultimately her whole life as she currently has her place of residence and her home in the locality along with her husband and three children.
“Without doubt, the best season in Mojácar is the whole year”, maintained Pilar Martínez-Cosentino on recalling her time in Mojácar.
She could not fail to mention the family project in Macenas: “a very important commitment, with a long-term vision of sustainability, respecting and valuing the authenticity of this land.”
In her wish for a Mojácar of the future, she called for “preserving its enormous natural and cultural wealth, and that it grows with the pillar of quality and sustainability. Look towards the future with healthy ambition. And for this, our great commitment has to be the best possible training for our young people. Education and training are essential to develop a more humane, fairer, more competitive, richer and more diverse land.
With her speech and the election of the Queen, Rosa María Arán Aguila, and Dames of Honour: Iris Fernández, Laura Rayza and María Flores, the Mojácar Festivities in honour of Saint Augustine officially began with dancing and music from the Prometidas and Melodías orchestras.

Photo credit: Image World Mojácar.