Mojácar celebrates its 2024 Carnival

Mojácar will celebrate its 2024 carnival this weekend with the start this Friday of the Children’s Carnival which, as usual, opens the programme of activities organised by the Local Council.

A children’s parade is planned for 10am that will be led by the Bartolomé Flores school pupils.

The procession’s starting point is the school and it will go through the streets of the old town to the Plaza del Frontón. There, a party, music and fun await the young carnival-goers, the talent pool for a tradition of great significance in the municipality.

In the afternoon, at the Mojácar Multi-Uses Centre there will be a children’s party for all those who want to take part. There will be no shortage of workshops, fun inflatable games, treats and many activities to spend an unforgettable carnival afternoon.

On Saturday 10th of February, the traditional Grand Carnival Parade will start out from the Río Aguas roundabout at 5pm, going along the Paseo del Mediterráneo to the Parque Comercial.

A parade that will be especially spectacular this year as the number of troupes making it up has doubled. Up to 14 troupes take part in the Grand Parade, some of them coming from Murcia as well as Garrucha, Vera and other municipalities, that will join the Mojácar troupes to fill the coastal road with music, colour and lots of fun. Floats and all those residents and visitors who want to dress up and have an afternoon full of surprises.

It is worth highlighting the participation of the Third Age troupe, which thanks to the Red Cross and on a float, represents our senior citizens, in this way joining in with one of the most special festivities of the year. Nor should we forget the troupe formed by the “Mariquita la Posá” Association, representing Mojácar women, nor, of course, the children’s troupe, the future and talent pool of the love for and traditions of carnival, among others,

After the parade, the participants will move to the Multi-Uses Centre, for which the Local Council has provided a shuttle bus that will take them to these municipal facilities.

At the Multi-Uses Centre the grand “Mojácar Carnival 2024” party will be from 8pm onwards, and is where the much-anticipated troupe competition will be held.

Mojácar Council has arranged prizes for the three best. To qualify, the entire troupes will be evaluated: originality, ingenuity and costume, among many other things that, without doubt, will not make the jury’s task easy.

Following the presentation of the awards, the party will begin, entertained by the El Norte orchestra and DJ Raúl Vazco. Both will take turns offering the music and dancing that will last as long as there is energy to carry on having fun.

Although so that no one passes out and to regain energy if necessary, Mojácar Council has planned chocolate and churros that will be offered to the participants.

There will also be a bar where you will be able to find good tapas and the usual refreshments.

Admission to all the events organised by the Local Council will be free.