Mojácar setting for “Lagoons in the Time” Shoot

Mojácar is once again the setting for the shooting of a film titled “Lagunas en el tiempo” (Lagoons in time).

Macenas Castle, its beaches and different enclaves of Marina de la Torre have until now been the locations chosen by its director, Fernando Díaz, who throughout this winter has been filming different sequences of the film in Mojácar.

Filming has not yet finished and they will return to the locality at the end of February to finish their work.
Fernando Díaz, born in Motril, was the author of the film Playa Roja, his first feature film starring Nuria Fergó, Cristina Castaño and Concha Goyanes.

For Nuria Fergó it was her first experience on the big screen and for Concha Goyanes it marked her return to celluloid after 10 years away from the world of cinema.

Fernando Díaz had already been the author of several short films and today has several more feature films on his CV, all of them of great artistic quality and always characterised by the use of many exteriors, which greatly complicate the production but which Diaz handles with great mastery.

“Lagunas en el Tiempo”, his latest work, also has locations in Portugal, Granada, Motril, Cuevas del Almanzora and Vera. The cast includes actors such as Demetrio Escribano, winner of the Imas TV award and very well known for his part in series such as “Amar es para siempre” (Love is for ever), or “Mis adorables vecinos” (My adorable neighbours); Pedro Mistral, Javier Páez, Mar Galera, Joaquim Sáez, Antonio Casado, Trini Cruz, Isabel Soldado.

Mojácar has been the setting for multiple films, among the first and most well-known, in 1964 “A Fistful of Dollars”, “Treasure Island”, among many others, as well as well-known TV series, which over time and no less blockbuster, have continued to choose this locality as the central setting for their stories or as part of their exterior shoots.

The “Lagunas en el tiempo” team will return to Mojácar at the end of February to finish some scenes, as the end of filming is scheduled for April, remaining in post-production until September and with its premiere in November.

The “Lagunas en el tiempo” team plans to screen it at various film festivals and for it subsequently to be able to be watched on a streaming platform.

“Lagunas del tiempo” is produced by the La Cabina 3.0 National Association for the Promotion of the Arts and tells the story of Germán, a man who decides to flee as a result of a series of problems that he finds it impossible to face. His father Antonio, with the beginnings of dementia, goes after him on a journey, following his son’s footsteps in the hope of finding him before his illness prevents him from recognising him.