Mojácar ends its carnival with a great many participants and members of the public

The 2024 Mojácar carnival was a great success for participation, widely doubling the number of troupes and people who enjoyed the events programmed by the Local Council.
In the parade alone, and despite the wind, 16 troupes and more than 400 people in fancy dress made up the cheerful stream of colour, music and dance that made its way from Río Abajo to the Parque Comercial along the Paseo Marítimo to a carnival rhythm.
The little ones led the procession, who had a great time with their troupe and showed that Mojácar’s talent for these festivities is more than established.
The tradition and affection of the people of Mojácar for their carnival was evident with the presence of eight troupes from Mojácar alone, the rest being made up of other troupes from Murcia, Garrucha and nearby towns.
It was at the Multi-Uses Centre that the highly anticipated choreography contest was held, with prizes for the best three, donated by Mojácar Council Festivities Department.
It was no easy task for the jury to choose from among the seven contestants who exuded ingenuity and good work in their performances.
In the end, and after much deliberation, the “Vina Dance de Garrucha” troupe was the winner, followed by Alejandro Iniesta Dance and the Timanfaya Comparsa, in second and third place respectively and both from Murcia.
For the Mojácar Council Festivities Councillor, Jesús Montoya Gredilla, this was one of the best Carnivals of recent years.
Jesús Montoya highlights the increase in the number of participants, both Mójácar residents and those from nearby municipalities, as well as the high quality of the costumes and choreographies.
Mojácar has now ended the 2024 carnival with the burial of the sardine, which brought together a grieving public, but which was as ever enjoyed with the now traditional “Litanies” and the unique direction of the officiating priest.
Chocolate and churros, the final point of these celebrations, were of great help in facing the inevitable arrival of Lent.
The Mojácar Council Festivities Councillor expressed his satisfaction with how the 2024 Carnival went, and already has in the pipeline improvements and surprises for the next one and support for the Mojácar troupes, which are also now beginning to prepare for the next event next year.