Intergenerational workshop in Mojácar

Mojácar Council has organised an Intergenerational Workshop in which the experiences of three generations of women will be shared: grandmothers, mothers and daughters and how they have lived their most important life experiences, their relationship with society and the fashions and customs of each.
These workshops are included in the programme of the Spanish Government’s State Pacts and the Almería company ARIARA.
Three Mojácar women, representatives of each generation, will engage in a dialogue about how the lives of each were organised during their time in the village.
Their history is that of the municipality. How they have broken moulds, barriers and what difficulties they have encountered due to being a woman.
Each generation has had to deal with love, their profession, household chores and the administration of the family finances, among many other issues simply because they were born in different times. A contrast in the lives of each of them that, although close in time, we forget or are unaware of.
A generational contrast of how feminism and its role in society are dealt with. A space for learning where you can exchange experiences and mutual enrichment.
The format will be enjoyable and entertaining, TV-style, with moderators and presenters who will introduce the topics to be discussed and who will keep the conversation going smoothly.
The Intergenerational Workshop is scheduled for the 17th of February at 12.30pm at the locality’s Multi-Uses Centre.
It is not aimed only at women, even if they are the focus. It is open to everyone and men are also expected to attend, who will be very welcome as it is, in short, the life story of several generations in which each has played a role.
After the event, at 2pm, Mojácar Council will offer a paella for all attendees.