The Mojácar Catering School will begin next School Year with dual training

An open day has been held at the Mojácar Rey Alabez secondary school to present the new developments involved in the implementation of the new Vocational Training study plan for the 2024/25 academic year, which will be of a dual nature.

In the case of Mojácar, this deals exclusively with the training cycles of cooking and gastronomy and restaurant services.
Attending this meeting between teachers and sector professionals were members of the Almería Territorial Delegation of Education and Vocational Training, the mayor of Mojácar, Francisco García Cerdá, of Turre, Arturo Grima, and of Los Gallardos, Francisco Miguel Reyes, and councillors from the area’s different local councils, as well as representatives of the Levante hospitality sector’s most important businesses, making it an excellent opportunity for the centre to address the educational future and employability capacity in the region.
One of the most significant changes for the next school year lies in the dual nature programmed for the two-year duration of these intermediate-level studies, which involves a joint training process for students between the educational centre and businesses in the hospitality, catering and tourism sector through collaboration agreements.
With the previous study plan, after passing the subjects that made up each cycle students moved on to what was called “training modules in workplaces”, where they practiced what they had learned at the institute.
For the next school year, students will not go to do “work experience” in hospitality businesses once they finish their studies; they will go from the beginning of the term to complement and continue their training, where a person designated by the company will tutor and work with the student in collaboration with the teaching staff to complete their theoretical-practical knowledge, taking part in the educational development and in their assessment.
Among the main aims of this dual training are analysing and identifying the needs of the area to orientate students regarding the needs of the area, ensuring ideal training offers for this reality, ensuring employment and putting down roots in the locality; accrediting the professional skills acquired throughout the training and work experience, as well as providing businesses and the sector professionals with the professional profiles they need at each productive time.
The area’s main economic activity is hospitality and tourism. The important economic effort of this sector must be supported with qualified professionals who offer a proper and quality service in each of the facets making it up.
Hence the great importance of the Mojácar Hospitality School and the support of the administrations and social framework for the correct training of its students and achieving a distinguishing level of excellence in the world of tourism.
Following this explanatory day, the Hospitality School students offered a cocktail to the open-day guests, made by them in the centre’s kitchens.