“Mojácar has it, buy it here”

Mojácar Council has started an action plan aimed at promoting trade in the locality in collaboration with the Regional Ministry of Employment, Business and Self-Employment.

With the slogan: “Mojácar has it, buy it”, the campaign is being developed with a graphic line adapted to all the necessary formats for digital media.
The purpose of this scheme is to inform Mojácar residents, as well as potential customers from neighbouring towns and the capital, of the locality’s shopping potential, although the scope will be much greater, as the extensive reach of the Local Council’s social media alone guarantees maximum visibility given that this campaign has also been programmed and is being implemented in an organic way.
In addition to the design of the general image poster of the campaign, short micro-videos have been created for which more than 80 shops in Mojácar and their products have been visited for their promotion through social media.
Products of all kinds, ranging from accessories, jewellery, food, pets, home, computing and anything you may need or want, and that can be found correctly classified and identified, have been themed into seven segments for greater accessibility and localisation by the consumer.
The launch of a municipality-owned digital portal provides local and regional residents with an opportunity for convenient access to purchasing, to which must be added the option of potential customers contacting businesses or buying in Mojácar from their towns, cities or countries of origin without the need to be in the locality in person.
This portal will be continuously renewed and updated, which makes it efficient and a business model more connected to the buyer.
Complementing the digital line, Mojácar Council has installed two large street signs: one in front of the Parque Comercial and another in the area of the old town lift, which show the location of the municipality’s shopping areas and a QR that directs to the trade portal that will be constantly updated and renewed so that both Mojácar residents and visitors can consult the municipality’s trade offering, find out about its variety and diversity and choose their purchases in advance.
Commerce is another facet of Mojácar’s attractiveness that is not yet sufficiently known, representing a complementary option by therefore expanding the eating out and accommodation offer in the locality.
The campaign will continue throughout the year with the aim of highlighting the importance of Mojácar’s trade, and undoubtedly represents a very important step for its strengthening and competitiveness.
This action plan is being carried out through a subsidy being developed through two lines of assistance: promoting investment in the improvement and modernisation of infrastructure and the digital transformation of local trade and craftwork in the municipality, and, additionally, promoting strategic planning, dynamisation and its promotion.
Mojácar Council is carrying out numerous initiatives to support and promote the business community, mainly in the adoption and use of digital technologies. Its use allows traders greater reach, reaching a wider public, improving the customer experience by being more efficient and optimising business management.
The Local Council government team is committed to the digitalisation of commerce, which provides new opportunities and challenges. Adapting to this change and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technology is a necessity in the current trading environment and makes Mojácar a leading municipality in this sector as well.